Fun Finds

View some of the interesting, unique, or just plain weird things we’ve discovered on some of our inspection jobs! You might learn something too!

Chimney Cap, Or Grill Top?

This was one of those “if it’s dumb, but works, is it really dumb?” situations. Yes, that is a Weber Grill Top being used as as chimney cap!

Two's a crowd, three is...


See those two big lugs up top? They’re made for one, yes one, conductor. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The Weekend Warrior

Although big box stores sell these flexible accordion-style drains – professional plumbers almost never use them. They aren’t self-scouring, and tend to clog + leak. 

Almost screwed


These sharp tipped screws are dangerous! They can puncture electrical wires and cause arcs, shorts and potentially electrocute somebody!

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