4 Reasons a Home "Fails" Inspection

Contrary to popular belief, a standard home inspection is not “pass” or “fail”. Home inspections are designed to show you exactly what you’re buying – the condition of major components, any deficiencies that were observed and the overall status of the property. 

With that being said – there are times when a home can “fail” – and that is during an insurance inspection (also known as a 4 Point Inspection).

1. Electrical Issues

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Certain electrical issues (such as double taps, exposed wiring, unsafe wiring & others) will throw up red flags on a 4 Point inspection report. One of the most common issues is called a double tap – this is an unsafe wiring condition where two conductors are inserted into a breaker opening which is designed for only one. No need to worry though! A licensed, electrical contractor can resolve this issue with relative ease!

2. HVAC Problems

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Florida gets hot! Insurance companies like to make sure that your HVAC unit is functioning as intended – so if the unit isn’t cooling, this will cause a hold-up on your 4 point inspection.

3. Roofing

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One of the most expensive components of your home is the roof – and insurance companies LOVE telling you that you have to replace it in order to get insurance. Most underwriters now require 5+ years of roof life in order to even consider giving you a policy! 

Damaged shingles, or signs of active leaks will cause a 4 point to “fail” inspection.

4. Plumbing

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An active leak in the plumbing system (toilet, sinks, water heater) is a cause for concern. Until a licensed plumber can repair the problem, this will hold up a 4 Point report.